Global Mining Review 2017

2017 marks the 16th consecutive year of Korn Ferry Hay Group's annual Global Mining Review. We continue to be your authoritative source for comprehensive, global compensation
information in the mining industry. Regardless of where you are in the business cycle, compensation information will be critical to making good business decisions. We will also
continue to conduct a separate, but integrated process to provide insights into broader talent issues while ensuring that you receive the same reliable compensation intelligence that you have been receiving for over the past 15 years.


Comprehensive ■ Reliable ■ Consistent ■ Flexible


  • Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Peru and USA reports available
  • Country market pricing data for salaries, annual incentives and long term incentive (at target and actual levels)
  • Pay forecasts and economic indicators
  • Geographic/regional and/or job family pay analysis


  • Unique - the only global mining executive report available across key geographies
  • Global market pricing data for salaries, annual incentives and long term incentives (at target and actual levels)
  • Global executive compensation and governance trends
  • Research on incentive metrics and structures, pay-in-performance issues
  • Executive severance, change in control and clawback policy


  • Unique - Global market pricing data across key geographies for salaries, annual incentives and long term incentives for Project Development, Exploration & Corporate Technical Service (PD&E) roles
  • Positions independent of similar roles in operations
  • Foreign/international assignment and expatriate policy
  • PD&E pay policies and practices PD&E market pay differentials

* subject to sufficient demand


  • In 2016, over 389 participant business units in over 75 multinational and local companies with compensation data for over 100,000 professional, managerial and executive level incumbents, including approximately 1,800 executives
  • In addition to the country reports listed above, mining industry data for other countries also available (e.g., Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico)


  • Comprehensive, quality assured data through rigorous auditing by dedicated resources in various geographies
  • Review of executive positions (not simple title-based). New participants normal set up fee is waived
  • Simple to use job size and job match (not simple title-based) compensation analysis
  • Key compensation elements covering salary, other guaranteed cash, short term and long term incentives, application of consistent/standardized methodology to generate comparable M/LTI valuation
  • Competitive market pricing on various compensation elements
  • Regional pay analysis and job family analysis for country reports, where applicable
  • Hard copy and soft copy formats, including Excel-based output tools
  • User orientation sessions, subject to sufficient demand


Based on over 160 benchmark positions, covering a spectrum of roles from first-line supervisors to corporate executives. Examples of survey benchmarks include:

Operational role example
Mine Engineer | Metallurgist | Buyer | Geologist | Environmentalist | General Manager, Mine Site | Superintendent & Supervisor (Mining/Processing/Maintenance)

Corporate / Regional role example
Chief Executive Officer | Chief Financial Officer | Investor Relations/Communication Manager | Tax Manager | Controller

Project Development & Exploration (PD&E) role example
Project Director/Manager | Construction Project Manager | Senior Project Geologist | | Technical Services Manager | Project Mining Engineer (PD&E populations are separated from Corporate and Operations data.


Participant registration
February - March 2017

Data collection from participants
March - April 2017

Data effective
May 2017

Processing quality assurance and analysis
May - August 2017

Report publication
September to October 2017


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Global Sector Leader - Mining, Metals & Minerals
t +1.604.608.6511
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Wiclif Ma
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Derek Hirae
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