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Hay Group Spectrum - work fit
Do you manage your work risks?
Do you know if your workforce have the skills and behaviours you need now, and for tomorrow? How often have you recruited a candidate for a high-profile role who then went on to fail spectacularly? What if you could assess the risk of failure of individuals in critical roles, or even of whole teams and divisions? We’re world leaders in understanding work and in understanding people. But the really exciting part is that Hay Group Spectrum gives us the unique ability to bring those together. We can help you predict the risk of failure of individuals, or even whole groups, in given roles – enabling you to mitigate that risk through training, role or team redesign, or by creating supporting roles or functions.

Does your workforce match your work? To get the most out of your people, you need to play to their strengths. Matching your workforce to your work has a double benefit: your people stay motivated and committed, and you get the full benefit of their talent. By comparing the work that needs to be done with the capabilities of your people, we help take the risk out of your key talent management decisions. Hay Group Spectrum helps you understand how best to deploy and develop your people, and how best to design your jobs.

Are your people on the right path? When people climb the ladder without a clear career path, they can end up in jobs that don’t suit them. Often, they end up in management because of seniority, even though they don’t have the right people skills or personality for it. It’s a back-to-front approach. Hay Group Spectrum enables you think about how your organization will evolve over time, to work out exactly what kind of leaders you’re going to need, and for what. We then determine what type of person will succeed in each particular role, and plot a career path that will give them the experience and knowledge they need for the role.

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