Graduate recruitment

Graduates are your future

Our research shows that 67% of graduates apply to up to 10 organizations, and one in seven to more than 21 organizations. Our cutting-edge assessment solutions will help you quickly identify the best candidates, in a cost-effective and efficient way, whilst also providing a positive and engaging candidate experience.

Getting the right fit

Today’s graduates are tomorrow’s leaders. You need to recruit the best to secure the future of your organization.

That means getting graduate recruitment right first time. With countless companies vying for the same candidates, your recruitment process must stand out from the competition. To attract the best, you need to be: 

  • Streamlined. Our research shows that 42% of graduates are put off by a long application process.  
  • Nimble. You must identify the best graduates quickly, and make them an offer before the competition snaps them up. 
  • Efficient. By sifting out unsuitable applicants early on, you can focus the more costly, time-consuming parts of the process – such as line manager interviews and assessment centers – on only the best candidates.
  • Effective. Matching the right graduates to the right jobs will mean engaged employees who are more productive and less likely to leave.
  • Open. A positive experience will bolster candidates’ desire to work for your company, and enhance your employer brand – after all, even unsuccessful applicants are potential customers.

How we can help

Our innovative online psychometric assessments will help you identify and select the right graduates for your business. 

We can help you:

  • Assess key behaviors at work. We combine scientific rigour, market-leading data and ease of use to bring you Dimensions, our personality questionnaire. 
  • See graduates’ true capabilities. Elements is our suite of adaptive verbal, numerical and logical tests. Our tests respond to each candidate’s abilities, allowing them to show their full potential. 
  • Find out how candidates will react in the workplace. Our situational judgement tests, Judgement, assess the key skills required for a particular role. Each test is customized to your role and organization, and includes a series of real-life scenarios, giving you invaluable insight into how graduates will perform at your organization. 
  • Give applicants a glimpse behind the scenes. Candidates can discover what life’s really like at your company with Affinity, our realistic job previews. Graduates can work out if they fit the organizational culture or role before applying. 
  • Customize your assessments. Your language, your data, your process, your brand – we can quickly and easily integrate our assessment system into your business, and make it your own.

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