Volume recruitment

Finding needles in the haystack

The biggest challenge for organizations that attract high volumes of applications is finding needles in the haystack. The right people will be in your applicant pool but you can easily miss them. Our cost-efficient and objective assessments will help you quickly identify the right talent for your business.

Selecting the best from the rest

Dealing with 100s or 1000s of applications throughout the year is enough to make your head spin and leave you feeling like you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of recruitment. But if you can get your volume recruitment process right, you’ll quickly sift out unsuitable candidates and focus on those who are a good fit with the role and your organizational culture.

To get the best out of your recruitment process, you need to be: 

  • Efficient. By sifting out unsuitable applicants early on, you can focus the more costly, time-consuming parts of the process – such as line manager interviews – on only the best candidates.
  • Effective. Matching the right candidates to the right jobs will mean engaged employees who are more productive and less likely to leave.
  • Open. A positive experience will bolster candidates’ desire to work for your company, and enhance your employer brand – after all, even unsuccessful applicants are potential customers.

How we can help

We have a range of innovative solutions specifically designed to support high volume recruitment.

We can help you:

  • Give applicants a glimpse behind the scenes. Candidates can discover what life’s really like at your company with Affinity, our realistic job previews. Affinity gives candidates the chance to find out if they fit the role and organization before applying.
  • See candidates’ true capabilities. Aspects measures the skills and abilities needed for frontline sales, service and support roles in environments like retail, hospitality and call centers. It’s made up of three key assessments:
    • Aspects Styles: an online, competency-based screening questionnaire based on 16 core skills required in customer-facing roles. We work with you to determine which of these skills are crucial to success in the role in question and then tailor the questionnaire accordingly.  
    • Aspects Ability: a series of short, engaging online tests of verbal, numerical and checking skills. The questions adapt to each candidate’s ability as they progress through the test, allowing them to show their full potential.
    • Aspects Judgement: situational judgement tests that assess the key skills required for a particular role. Each test is customized to your role and organization, and includes a series of real-life scenarios, giving you valuable insight into how a candidate will perform on the job.
  • Customize your assessments. Your language, your data, your process, your brand – we can quickly and easily integrate our assessment system into your business, and make it your own.

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