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Ask questions that unlock performance

People perform to their best when they feel good about their work, and have the tools they need to get the job done. Our employee surveys help organizations measure employee engagement. They help you work out what’s holding people back, and show them what they need to do to have maximum impact.

Ask the questions that unlock performance

Frustrated employees stop your organization from achieving its full potential. Understanding the source of their frustration helps you make changes that will have real impact on individual and organizational performance.

That’s where employee surveys can help – but only if they deliver incisive feedback. You need to understand what will engage, motivate and enable your people to give their best; and what they need to improve decision-making, planning, investment calls and customer loyalty.

But asking the right questions isn’t enough. Feedback must also be translated into meaningful action. That’s where Hay Group stands out from the competition.

"Nationwide’s partnership with Hay Group is exactly that – a partnership. It differentiates itself from the day to day transactions you have with many suppliers. They understand our business, our values and what we are trying to achieve. There is trust and we’ve enjoyed that with Hay Group for many years."

Keith Astill, Divisional HR Director, Nationwide

Different thinking

Based on research among millions of employees, our Employee Effectiveness Framework transforms how organizations think about performance. It demonstrates how employee engagement will only drive results if combined with enablement – the authority and support needed to get the job done.

Meaningful results

Employee surveys are a means to an end.  We provide our clients with a clear understanding of their results, and provide guidance on post-survey action planning.  

We can bring in experts as needed to assist with all of the issues uncovered by your survey, so you’ll have 70 years of consulting experience to draw on. 

Customized or off-the-shelf

We can tailor every aspect of the survey process for you – from questionnaire design to reporting results and formulating action plans. Or you can access our world-leading methodology with our off-the-shelf tool. It’s fast, cost-effective, and ideal for smaller organizations wanting to quickly check and benchmark employee effectiveness. 

Whichever works best for you, Hay Group’s employee surveys offer significant advantages:

  • Unrivalled knowledge. Our methodology is based on our work with thousands of organizations. We’ve developed an unparalleled body of knowledge through our experience with some of the world’s leading businesses. This means you’ll benefit from the latest developments, expertise and benchmarks in employee engagement.
  • Deep understanding. We know what drives outstanding performance. Our research into the World’s Most Admired Companies and Best Companies for Leadership means we know what the top businesses do to outperform their peers. 
  • Robust benchmarking. Our database of normative benchmarks   is one of the largest in the world. You’ll be able to compare your organization’s relative performance by country, industry and other demographics; and measure progress against high-performing companies to help you achieve best-in-class engagement levels.  
  • The right results. We can help you improve engagement in ways that will drive the right outcomes for your organization. We know that what drives outstanding performance differs between – and even within – organizations. We work with you to analyze the link between your employees’ opinions and the outcomes your business needs. 
  • Expert support. We’ll help you translate your survey results into meaningful action. We can provide input from our senior experts in reward, leadership development and change management when making action plans to improve employee engagement.

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