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  1. Dimensions in action

    In preparing for privatization, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) had the foresight to anticipate the complete business transformation this would demand.

    Dimensions in action
  2. SWP gives airline clearance to return to profit

    When a large international carrier suffered major losses, we created a model that would transform their people management and reduce costs by up to 47 per cent over 20 years.

    SWP gives airline clearance to return to profit
  3. Career framework and strategic workforce planning for a Scottish university

    A Scottish university were seeking to extend their research activity, develop their portfolio of academic programs and open a third, US based campus. They turned to Hay Group to provide a career framework and strategic workforce planning toolkit to plan and manage the future academic and professional support staff requirements to deliver this strategy.

    Career framework and SWP for a Scottish university
  4. The right people at the right time

    Unable to respond effectively to changes in demand and with de-motived employees, this engineering firm hired Hay Group to devise a strategic workforce plan that made it more responsive and reduced costs by over 15 per cent.

    The right people at the right time
  5. Reward Snapshot factsheet

    Reward Snapshot provides a quick but authoritative assessment of the competiveness of your reward package, to allow clear and easy comparison with your market.

    Reward Snapshot factsheet
  6. Leadership development services

    If you need to develop leadership qualities in your people, our leadership development services can help. Unlike traditional leadership development courses, our services combine our 70 years’ experience in leadership, plus our proven program design, to help your people make permanent changes in their day to day work.

    Leadership development services
  7. Talent Q Dimensions and Elements factsheet

    Developed by Roger Holdsworth, a pioneer in the field, they measure personality and ability using the latest adaptive testing technology. Talent Q assessments gather data quickly, efficiently and with minimum investment. And they report in ways which can inform a range of talent decisions.

    Talent Q Dimensions and Elements factsheet
  8. Talent Q factsheet Aspects

    Aspects comprises a range of assessments to measure the fundamental skills and abilities required for customer facing and service roles in industries such as retail, hospitality, call centers, transport, emergency services and manufacturing.

    Talent Q factsheet Aspects
  9. Job evaluation installation services

    Knowing what job roles you need is critical to structuring your workforce for business success. But you also need to understand the nature of each job to identify the right person for it. And, when you know who your ideal candidates are, you need to know what to pay them.

    Job evaluation installation services
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