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  1. Strategic workforce planning for business leaders

    People are at the core of your business. Strategic workforce planning bridges strategy and people. It helps you identify the capabilities and the people you need, today and tomorrow.

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  2. Strategic workforce planning for finance directors

    Strategic workforce planning is a solution that allows you to apply the approaches you use in financial and strategic planning to people planning, making the process more rigorous and future proof. It’s a vision based around the skills and availability of people. It bridges strategy and people by identifying strategic capabilities and matching them to people skills.

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  3. Case study: NHS Leadership Academy

    Find out more about how the NHS Leadership Academy in the UK works with us to develop their newest generation of frontline leaders.

    Case study: NHS Leadership Academy
  4. Digitization and work

    Technology has always brought change to the world of work. How has the office changed in the last hundred years or so, and what are the biggest changes affecting the workforce right now?

    Digitization and work
  5. Top executive compensation in Europe 2014 summary

    Carl Sjöström, Hay Group’s European lead for executive reward, discusses the key trends and developments in European executive pay. This summary is based on the findings from Hay Group’s study of top executive compensation in Europe 2014.

    Top executive compensation in Europe 2014 summary
  6. The inner workings of the family owned business

    Nearly 30 per cent of a family-owned business’ sustainability comes from the strength of its intangible family capital. As one generation hands over to the next, it is vital to identify and manage the specific value that the family brings to the business to achieve long-lasting growth.

    The inner workings of the family owned business
  7. Best Companies for Leadership 2014 executive summary

    In the nine years we’ve been conducting the Best Companies for Leadership survey, we’ve seen how the premiere organizations around the world identify and develop their top talent into great leaders. Naturally, since 2005, there have been changes in how the best companies practice their leadership development: following the global recession, all organizations are now operating in an increasingly volatile environment.

    Best Companies for Leadership 2014 executive summary
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