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  1. New rules of employee engagement whitepaper

    Major forces are reshaping the business environment as we know it, and rewriting the rules of employee engagement. In a complex and uncertain future, how will you keep your workforce switched on?

    New rules of employee engagement whitepaper
  2. Digitization and your workforce

    In this paper, we explore how digital technology alters the nature of jobs and the shape of corporations rather than simply destroying employment. Although digitization hollows out a core of easily automated jobs and middle management posts, it also creates new business models that shift employment, creating new roles and opportunities. 

    Digitization and your workforce
  3. Touching the intangibles

    One of the constants amid the on-going economic chaos of the last few years is a continuing interest from business leaders in mergers and acquisitions. Successive falls in global stock markets mean that, for those companies with a strong balance sheet, growth through acquisition is an achievable strategy.

    Touching the intangibles
  4. Managing intangible capital in MA

    From the boardroom to the negotiation table right through to integration, the M&A process presents a myriad of opportunities for Murphy’s Law to manifest itself: the worst things will happen at the worst possible times to lead deals astray or even to derail them completely.

    Managing intangible capital in MA
  5. Mergers and acquisitions the silver bullet of success

    Mergers can be a challenging game. They are one of the most difficult corporate undertakings. A badly conceived or executed merger can significantly destroy shareholder value. How can organizations ensure that their M&A delivers real value in the face of the radical economic changes which have taken place in most markets?

    Mergers and acquisitions the silver bullet of success
  6. Appearances can deceive

    The image projected by leading firms in the financial services industry is still one of a profitable sector led by effective leaders. Hay Group research highlights that this does not accurately reflect reality. Many financial organizations have yet to adapt to the post-crisis environment and therein lies an opportunity for renewal

    Appearances can deceive
  7. Connecting the hard and soft

    The economic crisis has forced many executives to take tough decisions often resulting in radical cost cutting at all levels of their organization. But now, as markets start to show signs of recovery, what will these actions mean in terms of managing the performance of the business and employees?

    Connecting the hard and soft
  8. Identify your organizations future leaders GFI

    In the face of today’s static or shrinking workforce, with veteran managers approaching retirement in record numbers and intense global competition for the most talented individuals, your organization must find a way to identify and develop future leaders from within. But how do you decide who is ready to benefit from an investment in leadership development?

    Identify your organizations future leaders GFI
  9. The silver bullet of success

    For those that dare to pull the trigger; the rewards of M&A remain as high as ever. But unless ‘intangible capital’ gets the senior executive attention it deserves, value will remain untapped and could even be destroyed. Hay Group’s latest research takes a look at the barriers and the silver bullet of success.

    The silver bullet of success
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