Get pay right, and reap the reward

Getting reward right helps you attract, retain and engage the best people while making the most of your HR budget and balancing the bottom line.

Our range of self-service reward tools make it easy to get pay right: that’s why over 70 percent of the global Fortune Top 200 companies use them. We offer the world’s largest and most accurate pay database, PayNet; practical insight from reward experts based in local markets; and a simplified product portfolio so you only pay for what you need.

Get 24/7 access to accurate pay data

PayNet is our pay database, boasting current reward data for over 16 million employees in over 110 countries, across 24,000 organizations. Get access to PayNet and make as many reward queries as you like on roles, job families, organizations and industries.

Choose PayNet International if you want to compare reward at a global level, PayNet National if you want to measure at a local level. We’ve got experts in 100 countries ready to help. Find out more>>

Get an in-depth review of all your benefits

Make sure your reward package is as attractive as your competitors, whatever the role. Reward Pinpoint tells you exactly how much your whole rewards package is worth, benefit by benefit, and how it compares in your sector, country or a different data set of your choice. Find out more>>

Benchmark all your employees

With our Reward Snapshot 3 tool you can compare up to three elements of your pay and benefits package for each of your employees, making sure you’re a competitive employer to your whole workforce. Find out more >>

Benchmark a function

Use our Reward Snapshot 2 tool to measure reward packages across a job family, so you can be sure you’re getting pay right for role. Find out more >>

Benchmark a job

If you need to know how to reward a particular job, choose Reward Snapshot 1 to compare pay and benefits for one role. Find out more >>

Make your reward policy stick

Our Activate suite of apps are designed to make your HR policy stick. Activate Grade a Job and Price a Job help your people consistently apply your reward policy.

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