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Short text normally bold paragraph text is normally found at the top of the web page or item, it has a valid role in helping set the context for the content. What is the page about? Used in place of strap line when more detail is required in  search result listings.

H3 - Sub heading

Main text is the main copy of the page and is separate form the main image and main image header. It contains the follow editor options, as specified in the Rich text editor profile. Main text can be copied and pasted from word using the word import tool. This strips out any unnecessary formatting required by word, and leaves the basics, which include line breaks and headings.

Text formatting tools include Bold & italic, and text can be hyper-linked to internal pages, or to external webpages. Symbols (™®©) can also be inserted using the symbol tool.

"Text can also be centred"

Bullet lists can also be created using standard bullets, or numbered lists:

  • Bullet list item 1
  • Second bullet list item
  • And finally a 3rd

Numbered lists can also be created using the numbered list tool

  1. Similar to above
  2. These lists are indented slightly

It is possible to add heading 2's, and heading 3's in this editor window. These should be used where required to break out chunks of text into relevant paragraphs.

Heading 2


Images can also be added into this editor, however this is not recommended as this is 'dead content', adding images in this way means that the images are stored 'inline'. We suggest this is kept to a minimum and that the images are used to support the content not the  primary message, using the main image field is recommended. Every page can have a main image and secondary image. The ratios of these images should be consistent through out the website, the size can be controlled through code easing the load on the editor as only 2 images will need to be stored per page in the media library.

However, for the purposes of this guide, here is an inline image 404px x 199px, this assumes the image is the same ratio as the main image.

An image can be set inline, so that text wraps around it. But again, only do this if you really have to. In this example, a right margin of 20px, and a bottom margin of 20px has been set to ensure the text does not touch the image. the image use and sizes should be consistent throughout the site and will be controlled in the code to ensure this is met.

A bit about richtext editor profiles (heading 3)

A spell check is also included in the default richtext editor profile set. However you may wish to use your browsers built in spell checker. It is also worth noting, that if you wish to make the contents of this window bigger, you can use the zoom tool to do so. Additional functionality and tools can be added to this editor, however we will have inserted these based on the representative content supplied.

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