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Performance management

See better value from your people

You can’t afford to waste time. Yet many businesses spend this precious resource managing performance in a way that’s disconnected from their ultimate goals. Link performance management with strategy, though, and it’s easy to make sure employees are motivated to achieve your objectives.

Performance management that drives growth

For businesses that want to grow organically, performance management can make success stick. But only when it’s linked to the big topics of strategy and culture, which makes sure your people are in sync with your goals.

Yet our research shows that 90 per cent of firms don’t do this . So in our view, a lot of the time and money that’s spent on performance management is wasted. How can you get real value from it? 

Bibi Hahn

"Linking performance management to strategy will improve profitability"

  • Bibi Hahn , Senior Vice President, member of the management team DACH -
  • Hay Group
The answer is to look at performance management strategically. We create a ‘performance model’ that’s built on your strategy and culture and provides guiding principles for the way you manage performance. Then, because performance management is linked to what you want and how you work, it motivates your people to achieve the outcomes you need.

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