Hong Kong CEOs and how they are paid

On 23rd January, Hay Group Hong Kong office conducted a media briefing to announce the results from its study of remuneration of CEOs of listed companies in Hong Kong. The event was received well by the media and attended by about 30 journalist teams.

During the media briefing, Thomas Higgins, presented the key findings in the areas like:
• Comparison between industry sectors
• Correlation between CEO remuneration and company performance
• Family ownership
• Gender diversity

In particular, business journalists were interested in the correlation between CEO pay and company performance, CEOs’ remuneration mix and family ownership of listed companies as these areas are highly related to the corporate governance standard and disclosure practices of Hong Kong as compared with the overseas counterparts.

Read more insights from the study in the press release attached.

In all, about 47 news articles and coverage items were generated by the various media in Hong Kong and China.

Coverage by online Hong Kong media

Sina Hong Kong
The Standard (online) 
Hong Kong Economic Times (online)
Hong Kong Economic Journal (online)
Oriental Daily News (online)
The Sun (online)
Metropolis Daily (online)
Wen Wei Po (online)
Ta Kung Po (online)
South China Morning Post (online)
ET Net
Oriental Daily News (online)
Yahoo! Hong Kong Finance

Coverage by China media

Institutional Investor China
The Epoch Times (online)
The Economic Observer
East Money
Sina China
Securities Times (online)
Tencent QQ

Hay Group - HK CEOs and How They are Paid

Hay Group - HK CEOs and How They are Paid