Our promise to clients

Hay Group helps organisations work

At Hay Group, we help organisations work. This means more than aligning individuals, skills and jobs. We provide insight into how they all connect to the organisation’s strategic goals. And we use that connection to transform business strategies into organisational solutions.

Crucially, we transform research into actionable insights, providing clients with breakthrough perspectives on their organisations so they achieve results.

Hay Group believes that our clients deserve our best worldwide resources and local market expertise, delivered with the objectivity our independence ensures. Our consultants are predominately recruited from local markets, so they are sensitive to local issues and have a deep understanding of them. But they are trained and work together in international teams, so they offer a truly global perspective.

We are proud of our thought leadership and our insights that enable CEOs and other senior executives to lead and manage more effectively. We are passionate about people and solutions and pride ourselves on the fact that we identify issues and challenges that others don’t. At the root of our success and that of our clients is our courage in recommending what is right and what will work versus just saying ‘yes.’

For over 60 years, our trademark has been high-quality research and intellectual rigor. Quality data blended with great science sit at the heart of all our solutions. Our recommendations are authoritative, enabling clients to make better choices.

Helping organisations work is, in the end, the fundamental promise we make as a firm. It drives us and, most importantly, is the reason clients trust us to produce better results for them.

We use a variety of approaches to ensure our clients turn their strategies into reality

Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors and industries