Nonconsulting roles

Our support functions help us to operate effectively and efficiently

Our consultants are the face and lifeblood of our business, working with clients both large and small, global and local. But our non-consulting staff plays a critical part in maintaining our operations and helping our consultants to serve our clients.

Broadly these roles fall into the following functions:

  • human resources – not surprisingly as a management consultancy specializing in human capital issues challenges we take this function seriously. We expect our HR people to demonstrate best practice in their work but, as with all our employees, we help them do this by actively developing them professionally. Our HR people recruit new consultants and staff; they work with general managers to maintain staffing levels, and on broader HR policies and programs to support our business and our people.
  • marketing – promoting our business to prospective clients, journalists, academics and recruits
  • finance and accounting – managing reporting and investments at local, country and global levels
  • IT – maintaining the infrastructure of our communications, networking, and collaborative tools and processes so that we can work together on client or internal project teams, whether in the same office or across borders
  • administrative support – assisting our consultants in staying organized and efficient in delivering work for clients

As an integral part of our business, these functions and the dedicated people in them allow us to deliver the best results for clients.