Managing intangible capital in M&A

How intangible capital can yield high returns in Asia-Pacific

Hay Group research shows that the value of intangible capital is not fixed, but rather fluctuates between an ‘active’ and ‘inert’ state throughout the M&A deal process.

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What is mission critical career pathing?

Ensure you have the right people in the right positions

Rick Lash explains how mission-critical career pathing can close the leadership gaps facing organizations.



'Are your staff unclear about their jobs?'

Do you find yourself asking questions like “Do I have too many people doing the same job?” or “Are my staff overpaid?” or “Are my managers’ potentials still well-hidden?”

If so, Hay Group Malaysia can help you get the most out of your workforce!


Organizational change: how do the best succeed?

Organizational change can be risky. When it goes right, there are rich rewards for everyone involved. When it fails, it can destroy value in a big way.

Given how complex and risky organizational change can be, what can you do to give your organization the best chance of success?

Download our latest thought paper to find out more on why change is often so disruptive and how the best-in-class companies succeed in change.

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