Employee effectiveness surveys

Translating feedback into meaningful action

Organizations looking for sustained competitive advantage too often overlook one of its few sources – their own people.

The evidence indicates that what marks out the world's Most Admired Companies is the way that they deal with their people. Their outstanding performance comes from superb and sustained employee engagement built by leaders who truly know how to motivate others, supported by the necessary priorities, investment and processes.

Knowledge is power and understanding what will motivate and enable your people to give their best will lead to better decision making and planning, wiser investments and deeper customer loyalty.

An effective employee survey is one of the key means through which your organization can define and measure whether it is creating the necessary energy and purpose to ensure that great results occur.

It’s no surprise then that most organizations use employee and customer surveys. But asking the question isn’t enough. The true benefits come when employee feedback is translated into meaningful action. It’s here that Hay Group’s employee survey process stands out.

Hay Group will help you ask the right questions, understand what the results mean and prioritize actions (using our comprehensive database of normative benchmarks) and in doing so help your organisation and your people achieve their potential.

Hay Group also works with industry-leading organizations to identify best practices that drive success. For example, pharmaceutical companies use our annual Sales Force Effectiveness Study to benchmark practices against industry leaders.

A world leader
Hay Group Insight—Hay Group’s employee and customer survey division—has been a global leader in employee and customer opinion research since 1975. Over the last thirty years we have assisted over 4,000 organizations. We talk to over one million respondents each year, creating one of the world’s largest databases of employee data.

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