Focus 2014

Leading transformation

The need for true transformation is more important than ever in New Zealand - but the greatest risk is not doing anything.

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2013 Best Companies for Leadership

How the best excel at both innovation and operational excellence

The 2013 Best Companies for Leadership survey reveals how those at the top simultaneously excel at both innovating for the future and their ongoing operational excellence

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Success: the enemy of transformation

The end of a financial year is a time of reflection for organisations. Many will look enviously at the elite few who achieve massive profits and global dominance – but spare a thought for those who have scaled the pinnacle of success only to be swept, avalanche-like, far down the other side towards the abyss of history.

It is easy to conclude that these organisations were just overtaken by more innovative products and that they failed to have breakthrough ideas. However, this conclusion is too simplistic. What has increasingly become a barrier to transformation is not a lack of ideas but being held hostage to past profit and success; this success in turn generates a culture of change reluctance.

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Have you heard?


Should your org be looking at a broader model to understand #EmployeeEngagement? Read the latest blog by @DrHazenW


Addressing new sales roles


2014 Company Employee Retention Needs Points to Increase of Workplace Chaplains

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