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10 ways to lead your organization through transformation

Advice, insights and stories from the speakers at the 2013 Hay Group International Conference in Shanghai. More
7 Feb 2014

2013 Best Companies for Leadership Asian whitepaper

How the best in class companies excel at both innovation and operational excellence. More
6 Dec 2013

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2013 global employee engagement and enablement trends

8 Nov 2013

The global findings revealed that, on average, 66 percent of workers globally are engaged – on par with 2012, but still significantly below engagement levels in high performing companies (73 percent). More


Preparing for Take-Off

15 Aug 2013

Global firms are facing a talent exodus as world economies return to growth. Growth is expected to pick up over 2013 and 2014 – we can expect labour markets to revive and staff turnover to increase. More


Building the new leader | Leadership challenges of the future revealed

19 June 2013

In a Hay Group foresight report, the global management consultancy identifies the six most significant trends that will affect organisations, employees and managers over the next two decades, and the key competencies required of successful future leaders. More


The loyalty deficit: The employees are restless again

5 Nov 2012

Asian firms’ performance continues to be stunted, with more than a third of employees unwilling and unable to go the extra mile for their organization. More


Innovation: Outrunning the Red Queen

21 Aug 2012

Innovation. Globalization. The twin aspirations of companies. How can companies harness these mutually opposite forces? Can the corporate centre play a value-added role? More


Family business in Asia: breaking the third generation curse

2 July 2012

Can Asian family businesses break the jinx by balancing warm hearts with deep pockets? More