Reforming education is at the top of government agendas everywhere. Every sector – from primary to further to higher education – is under pressure on many fronts, whether it’s demands from government and parents for higher standards or pressure from students on places.

At the same time, education is exploring new business models such as mixed public- and private-sector provision. Coupled with the trend for mergers between institutions, this creates new structures and culture integrations that must be managed.

Resilient, professional leaders are key to providing effective education. Hay Group has been at the leading edge of educational change for decades. Our sector specialists have developed tailored tools and programs to help our clients develop leaders, to manage change and to identify and manage talented staff. In the UK, we have developed several national programs for school and college leaders.

Hay Group has worked with leading education providers to:

Enable a new generation of lifelong explorers

For more than 10 years in Singapore, Hay Group has been partnering with the government and leading education institutions to transform the Singapore Education Sector. We have partnered with MOE in its transformative journey towards delivering holistic educational objectives. Together with their senior leaders and professionals, we worked to enhance the organisational structure and processes, so it can better serve the needs of the schools in view of the change in educational outcomes. The Student Development Curriculum Department was set up amongst other changes to look at growing needs of students in the areas of arts, music and sports education. The talent system was also reviewed to ensure we continued to have a pipeline of critical talent who have deep expertise in diverse aspects of educational delivery – such as specialists, leaders and senior teachers. With vital organisational and people systems in place, MOE is more than well placed to deliver its educational promises in the next

Our sector specialists have been working in partnership with educational institutions and agencies in both public and private sectors. Our span of education work stretches from early childhood to universities. We draw on a global education practice that does transformative work in many countries including Australia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

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