Job evaluation maintenance

Job evaluation maintenance

Are your roles keeping pace with the market?

Change is the only constant for organizations. Firms continually have to adapt their structures and job roles in line with the business and market environment.

As a result, the responsibilities in roles and competencies needed to perform job roles are always developing. And so are the levels of reward required to be competitive. Job evaluation frameworks therefore need to be reviewed regularly to keep them up to date.

Yet our research shows that the majority of companies only review their job evaluation processes reactively. This exposes them to the risk that job levels in some areas creep up over time, leading to inconsistencies across the business.

Our job evaluation maintenance service helps you reap the full benefits of Hay Group’s world-leading methodology. Designed for organizations that use our approach, it helps make sure that: 

  • your job evaluation framework evolves in line with your organization
  • you understand the value of work in your organization and its contribution to overall performance
  • you pay appropriate market salaries for all jobs