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Activate is an innovative suite of business apps that help your managers make strategy happen.

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Hay Group global salary gap report

Check the pay gap between senior managers and lower level workers

Hay Group's nationalisation article in Changeboard

Data drawn from Hay Group’s database of over 24,000 organisations around the world shows the gap between senior and junior staff widening

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic workforce planning helps you build a better workforce. One that’ll help you deliver your strategy in the short and long term. And one that’ll mean better value for your money.

We’ll help you get a workforce fit for now and determine what you’ll need in the future.


Pay and benefits in Middle East North Africa

• Common factors within the variance
Despite vastly varying economic factors, countries in the MENA region share a commonality- stronger growth projections than the global averages

• The connection within the region
GCC economies today provide employment opportunities to the rest of the region whilst African countries offer significant investment prospects for the established business of the Gulf region

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