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Solutions for a particularly challenging market

Chris Shennan

    The challenges facing experienced by oil companies are long-term and can only be addressed through a strategic approach to people.     
Chris Shennan
Sector Leader - Oil and Gas
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The oil and gas industries face exceptionally tough challenges. Existing resources are becoming more costly to access, new reserves are ever harder to find and skilled people are more costly to attract. Amidst all this, distribution models are changing, price and availability are increasingly volatile – and environmental issues are moving up the agenda.

For firms wishing to thrive in this arena, effective leadership, good, motivated people and efficient operations are essential.

Hay Group’s experience in the oil and gas sector – with the integrated majors, regional and nationally owned companies as well as the oil service sector – gives us a profound understanding of the challenges you’re facing. We can help you to:

Delivering Value to the Middle East's Oil & Gas Sector

Delivering Value to the Middle East's Oil & Gas Sector

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Hay Group sponsoring the 2nd Annual HR in Oil and Gas Forum

Hay Group is proud to sponsor the 2nd Annual HR in Oil and Gas Forum in Dubai, 25 - 27 October 2015. 

Attend the Forum to discover the leading recruitment and retention strategies, training and up-skilling solutions, talent and knowledge management approach, and leadership development programs.

Along with a host of insighful industry speakers, Hay Group's Chris Shennan will present on the megatrends affecting the oil and gas industries and what they mean for HR. Chris and Kartikey Singh will also deliver a workshop on why, how and when to use project based incentives programs to improve project efficiency and success.

Register your place now.