Reward services

Driving organisational and individual performance

Reward is among the largest cost items for most companies – therefore, it is imperative that the various components of reward are managed in a way that will result in the greatest possible return on the expenditure. In Hay Group, this does not mean simply benchmarking to a database of competitive remuneration – it means ensuring that the full range of reward programmes, policies and processes are aligned with the needs of the business and are valued by employees; it means thinking about all aspects of reward (Total Reward) rather than individual components of the package; and it means addressing the challenge of effective implementation as well as the design of policies.

Our Middle East Reward Services capability covers the full spectrum of issues and challenges - from setting the “philosophy” of reward to helping organisations effectively implement and operate reward programmes and policies. All of Hay Group’s global Reward Services practices are represented in the region, enabling us to work with our clients on all aspects on Total Reward management:

Introducing PayNet
Hay Group’s database of total remuneration and employee benefits, PayNet, contains more than seven million individual records, from over 13,000 of the world’s leading organisations.

Find out more about PayNet®, our unique remuneration database.

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