Reward Information Services

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Hay Group’s Reward Information Service helps organisations untangle complex compensation information and helps them make pay decisions that support the business’ goals and current market trends.

In the Middle East Hay Group is the leading supplier of accurate reward information and analysis. The information we provide is based on robust global methodologies, so you can be sure you will always get a consistent and comparable answer.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver on this promise because we collect data and evaluate job roles using a consistent methodology worldwide. This enables clients to make in-depth compensation comparisons—across job functions, industries and countries—with unparalleled confidence.

Our global database stretches across 60 countries and represents over 7 million employees from nearly 12,000 organisations worldwide. This data is easy for clients to access through Hay Group PayNet®, our internet-based database and analysis tool.

  • As a Hay Group client, we will work with you to build a solution to meet your specific needs, such as: 
  • Custom surveys based around specific jobs, industries or associations
  • Individual, detailed reports based on your needs – whether it’s on a specific peer group, industry, set of countries, job functions, reports and recommendations to senior management in support of pay reviews or salary budgeting
  • Analyses on the impact of changes to reward policies and recommendations for action

Our Middle East and North Africa (MENA) databases are broad and deep, representing compensation and benefits information from over 1,100 organisations in 14 countries. Our local databases and reports provide you with country specific information on benefits, sectors and reward practices. We make it easy for clients to access most of the country databases and pinpoint critical decision-making insights through Hay Group PayNet®—our Internet-based reporting and analysis tool.

We provide data and analysis covering 14 countries and major sectors, and are growing rapidly across the Middle East and North Africa. We provide an interative salary management tool Hay Group Remuneration Assistant (HRA)  to help simplify your salary management

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