Oil and Gas 'Hard Times' series

Part two: Opportunity knocks. Keep costs down but still perform

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In the second of a three-part series on the Oil and Gas sector, we look at the opportunity for companies to gain the competitive edge through their reward structures.

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Culture change in financial services

Panel discussion at the Behavioural Finance Forum

Hay Group's Marcus Downing joins the debate on customer centricity, the role of technology and culture change in financial services.

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Webinar | The impact of digitisation on the workforce | 8-9 July

Digitisation is affecting every sector of business. And change on this level always means change to your workforce, including the automation of some traditional jobs and the creation of new ones. Join us as we discuss the impact digitisation is having on organisations.

You’ll find out how to ensure your workforce is ready for change in an increasingly digitised world, and stay ahead of the curve. You’ll also hear about the work we’re doing with Network Rail (UK rail infrastructure company) to help them get a workforce fit for their future needs.


Local government: the butcher or the masterchef?

Hay Group's own Jonathan Magee blogs about local government’s response to austerity, and how this differs to the ‘masterchef’ approach needed for the next phase of public service transformation.

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How is digitisation affecting your workforce? Sign up for our upcoming webinar: http://t.co/0Il0iH9sTX


How can you #develop your #graduates people skills? Blog from @DavidSmith1978 http://t.co/OaNJVpkSkv

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