Assessments for selection

Assessments for selection

How do you hire the right people for the right roles – first time, every time?

Is finding the right people your greatest recruitment challenge? Some 62 per cent of large organisations tell us it’s theirs.

Effective recruitment saves money. Our research puts the average cost of hiring a frontline worker at almost £2,500. The cost of selecting the wrong manager equates to 2.3 times their annual salary. For a senior manager on £65,000 that could mean £150,000 down the drain.

Then there’s the effect of high staff turnover on the workload, stress levels and morale of the people left behind – all of which impact business performance.

Our assessment for selection services help you put the right candidates in the right roles, first time round. Our approach is based on:

  • 70 years of expertise in jobs and people
  • Rigorous and proven assessment techniques
  • World-class diagnostics and practices.