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Emotional and social competency inventory (ESCI) certification

Become accredited to use Goleman, Boyatzis and Hay Group’s renowned feedback tool – the emotional and social competency inventory (ESCI). More

Job evaluation (foundation) training

This two day course will give you a basic understanding of how to evaluate jobs and roles using the Hay Group method. More

Styles and Climate certification

Become accredited to use Hay Group's leadership styles and organisational climate tools in a two-day accreditation programme that allows you to deliver results in an affordable way. More

Talent Q Certified Training

The training is intended for people who are required to use and interpret Talent Q's assessments in selection and/or development contexts but do not have a need to undergo the full BPS accreditation course. It provides the fundamentals of psychometric testing and assumes the delegate has had limited/no exposure to Talent Q tools. This course is ideal for Line Managers and HR professionals who wish to become competent as operational users of Talent Q's assessments specifically. More

Talent Q Test User Training

The course is aimed at HR professionals, psychologists, coaches, recruiters and specialists who wish to become experts in the administration, interpretation and feedback of personality questionnaires and ability tests, equipping them with additional knowledge and skills to act as custodians of assessment best practice, create a testing policy, and provides a nationally recognised accreditation to use other BPS approved tools as well as Talent Q's assessment portfolio. More

TQ Dimensions conversion workshop

Aimed at qualified practitioners with BPS Test User: Occupational, Personality certification (previously known as Level B) or equivalent, the Dimensions Conversion Workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to use Talent Q’s Dimensions personality questionnaire. More