Leading a multi-generational workforce

The myths vs. the realities

Download our latest thought paper to find out what different generations value most in their leaders.

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Cooking up a better pay mix

Active shareholders emerge as a new ingredient

2014 CEO compensation study

For the second year in a row, in 2014, shareholders saw companies achieve solid performance gains as CEOs watched their pay rise.

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Executive and director compensation 2014

During 2014, Hay Group conducted studies and analyses on various aspects of executive and director compensation for The Wall Street Journal. We also examined various other topics affecting executive or director compensation. Our analyses provide a coordinated picture of how the largest US public companies handle some of the most important issues in their relationships with their top executives and board members.


What impact will the ACA have on your organization?

Employers are faced with many decisions about their health plan offerings as full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) draws closer.

Hay Group’s Employee Benefits practice has developed a concise and straightforward menu of ACA service offerings to best meet your organization’s needs.

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