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A question of job evaluation

Thousands of organizations – including more than half of the world’s largest companies – rely on Hay Group’s job evaluation methodologies.

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Latest global report

The new rules of engagement

Rules of engagement

What's transforming engagement, what are the world's best organizations doing about it, and what do you need to do today to respond?

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The Wall Street Journal/Hay Group CEO compensation survey

After a record year for companies and their shareholders, CEO pay showed solid increases in 2013 for the first time since 2010. The year served as another example of shareholder perception remaining "front and center" in the thoughts of compensation decision-makers, as the delivery of pay remained highly volatile and performance-based.


What impact will the ACA have on your organization?

Employers are faced with many decisions about their health plan offerings as full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) draws closer.

Hay Group’s Employee Benefits practice has developed a concise and straightforward menu of ACA service offerings to best meet your organization’s needs.

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How do people-related elements of processes and culture create value for your business?


New grads would rather work in tech than on Wall Street


Reward in Asia: arm yourself with local knowledge and be prepared to flex – but not abandon – global policies

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