2014 Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness Study

What are the latest trends in the pharmaceutical industry?

For nearly 20 years, Hay Group has conducted a comprehensive study on current trends and practices in sales force effectiveness specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. This year's study includes the surveys listed below.

To learn more information about the study, please contact Melissa Bauco at +1.215.861.2721 or send an email to melissa.bauco@haygroup.com

Complete package
Part 1: Spring 2014

Compensation Survey
Our comprehensive database includes market pricing data for sales and sales management positions in Primary Care, National Accounts and Managed Care, Hospital Sales, Oncology Sales, and a variety of other Specialty Sales positions. The compensation data information is provided in an Excel-based format that enables you to analyze and download data by job, therapy, market segment, and geography.

Talent and Performance Survey
It is reported that the cost of replacing a single pharmaceutical sales representative is well over $100,000, which does not even include lost sales opportunity. This online survey examines trends and practices employed to attract, retain, and motivate sales talent in the context of today's complex and expanding marketplace. As part of this analysis, we report the latest industry rates for voluntary and involuntary turnover for various sales positions.

Part 2: Summer 2014

Market Access and Emerging Commercial Practices Survey
As gatekeepers continue to expand their prominence in the industry, there is an industry-wide need to assure that organizations are properly structured, staffed, and measured to meet increasingly important access requirements. In our experience, the market access function is deemed strategically important to business success, yet is not always clear as to its mission, structure, resources and expectations. In response to this situation, this online survey examines current practices for this key function, including role definition, structures and reporting relationships, selection for the role, career paths, performance metrics, training/development, use of competencies, and performance.

Further options

  • Custom analyses
    Hay Group offers custom analyses of data results to individual company participants to provide valuable information on current trends and industry benchmarks uncovered in the study.
  • Executive presentation of competitive compensation position
    Hay Group can conduct individual on-site presentations to executive staff to discuss company-specific implications of the study. An executive-level presentation format of study findings for your company is designed for this purpose.