Emotional and social competency inventory (ESCI) accreditation program (2-day)

Become accredited to use the Goleman, Boyatzis and Hay Group renowned feedback tool - the emotional and social competency inventory (ESCI).

This course gives you the chance to become accredited to use our renowned feedback tool, the emotional and social competency inventory (ESCI). Developed with the acknowledged world expert Dr. Daniel Goleman, the course is everything we know about delivering emotional intelligence feedback in a nutshell. With Daniel Goleman's help we've designed a course for development and coaching professionals who want to help their clients (internal or external) become more effective colleagues and leaders.

During the 2-day course you'll learn more about the concept of emotional intelligence and how to deliver ESCI feedback. You'll have to do some work before the course: reading to familiarize yourself with the idea of Emotional Intelligence and completing your own ESCI questionnaire. We're not going to teach you how to be a coach - we expect you to already have a good level of experience in delivering feedback. What this course will teach you is how to understand and deliver feedback specifcally on the ESCI.

Accreditation means you not only get to use our ESCI feedback tool, but have access to our diagnostics processing team who can support you in collecting data and producing ESCI reports for your clients. We can also train you to become self-sufficient by setting up programs and processing reports through our self service website.  Being accredited by us means your clients, or your organization can have confidence that you are skilled in providing feedback in the competencies that impact business performance.

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