Managing intangible capital in M&A

How intangible capital can yield high returns in Asia-Pacific

Hay Group research shows that the value of intangible capital is not fixed, but rather fluctuates between an ‘active’ and ‘inert’ state throughout the M&A deal process.

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The vicious circle of volume recruitment

New research on the challenges of volume recruitment

Find out how you can improve your volume recruitment process to break the circle

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Insights from International Conference | Leading Transformation

Henriette Rothschild, Managing Director of Hay Group Pacific, shares her thoughts on the first day of the Hay Group International Conference in Shanghai.


The three kinds of focus every leader needs

BLOG: Daniel Goleman

Consider a hard-driving executive, one who focuses on his quarterly targets and goes through whatever personal heroics are needed to hit his numbers. A valuable asset to any company, right?

Well, it depends. Such executives, increasingly common in the working world, may be too focused on the numbers at the expense of empathy.

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Have you heard?


.@Futurestep reveals nine out of ten execs worried about hanging onto new staff


Why did GE create @GE_Digital? COO Brad Surak on the benefits of having your own digital arm:…


Over half of #CMOs say their #board and #CEO view marketing as more of a revenue generator than a cost center.…

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