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The new rules of engagement

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What's transforming engagement, what are the world's best organizations doing about it, and what do you need to do today to respond?

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How gamification can help companies achieve their strategic goals

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For companies, gamification can be a useful tool for activating employees’ to change their behavior in ways that help the organization achieve its strategic goals.

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Hay Group Employee Engagement Forum

The Hay Group Employee Engagement Forum has been developed to help business leaders and HR executives increase levels of employee engagement and enablement within organizations.


The three kinds of focus every leader needs

BLOG: Daniel Goleman

Consider a hard-driving executive, one who focuses on his quarterly targets and goes through whatever personal heroics are needed to hit his numbers. A valuable asset to any company, right?

Well, it depends. Such executives, increasingly common in the working world, may be too focused on the numbers at the expense of empathy.

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What are the new realities of employee engagement? Find out in @markroyalHG latest blog post

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