Communications and media

Strong headwinds require extra effort

Many in the communications and media seem stuck in hurricane alley – constantly buffeted by headwinds and pressure from three main forces:

  • downward pressure on revenues from increased competition, and ‘free’ alternatives
  • downward pressure on revenues from assertive regulators or customers
  • upwards pressure on costs due to a need to invest in technology, infrastructure, or new products.

How do you drive performance in the face of these pressures? Hay Group can help.

We help our clients tack against these winds in four key ways:

  1. Helping improve clarity and simplicity
    We are helping our clients become more efficient and ensuring that the organization can actually deliver on shareholder promises. Like the network provider for whom we helped save millions in operating costs, or the famous brand that realized it had thousands of employees who were disconnected from goals and came to us for help. We know, for example, that, if you are a typical company, about 20% of your people don’t know what you expect of them. It is unaffordable to pay these people when they don’t know what they are doing.
  2. Improving partnerships and collaboration
    Delivering as part of an ecosystem is different to delivering solo. We are helping improve symbiosis, both between and within our clients. Too many are beset by silos; which means they don’t capture the power of scale. This leads to demotivation and underperformance.
  3. Addressing differences in leadership
    Think a leader in communications and media is the same as anywhere? Think again. We know the subtle tweaks leaders need to deliver and accelerate their own careers. We can also find out easily which of your leaders are destroying value not creating it.
  4. We have a client who spends a million dollars a day on salaries. That may be an extreme example but for most, pay is their biggest single expense. We are helping our clients turn the spotlight on this huge outflow of money to ensure they get a better return on human capital employed.