Leadership in financial services

The European Retail Banking Summit | London | November 2013

Hay Group was a proud sponsor of this Economist event which explored the
challenges facing retail banking and looked at new ways forward for the sector.

Pulled in conflicting directions by regulators, politicians, customers and new technologies, retail banking faces its biggest upheaval in centuries. Hay Group’s panel session ‘Revolutionary leadership in tomorrow’s financial world’ discussed the types of leadership and leaders required for future success. Watch the video >>
Watch the panel discussion
Download our latest insights

Download our latest insights

At last month’s Economist Retail Banking Summit the consensus was that customers must be the priority in a world of increased speed, complexity and change. Read our view on how financial services organizations can make this happen. More



Hay Group's perspective: Appearances can deceive

Some things are not always as they appear 

The image of financial services is still one of a profitable industry – so why is it struggling? Our study identifies where opportunity and renewal lies for the industry.

Key statistics from the financial services industry 

New Hay Group research shows firms know they must change to adapt to the post-crisis environment, but few have done so.

Many are locked into ways of working suited to the boom but out of step with a new world of squeezed margins, disenchanted customers and new competitors.

Download the full report below to find out more.

Our research shows that:
■ leadership in financial services hampering change 
■ employees rate their organizations’ customer focus poorly 
■ in contrast to employee opinion, leaders overestimate their abilities

Yet while all is not what it seems in the financial industry, our findings also point to a great opportunity for renewal and growth.

Download the latest Hay Group report

REPORT: Appearances can deceive

REPORT: Appearances can deceive

Drawing on brand-new Hay Group research, our latest report reveals clear actions that companies can take to improve performance.  More

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Appearances can deceive

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Appearances can deceive

Download the four-page summary version of ‘Appearances can deceive’, which reveals the link between performance and leadership in financial services, and points to an opportunity for renewal.  More