Oil and gas

Finding talent and efficiency in a volatile sector

The oil and gas industries face exceptionally tough challenges. Existing resources are becoming more costly to access, new reserves are ever harder to find and skilled people are scarce and more costly to attract. There is a tension between the need to control costs and the need to pay for talent. Amidst all this, distribution models are changing, price and availability are increasingly volatile – and environmental issues are moving up the agenda.

For firms wishing to thrive in this arena, effective leadership, good, motivated people and efficient operations are essential.

Hay Group’s experience in the oil and gas sector – with the integrated majors, regional and nationally owned companies as well as the oil service sector – gives us a profound understanding of the challenges you’re facing. We can help you to:

  • make complex, matrixed organizations work
  • review your business structure to ensure it is fit for today’s volatile conditions
  • develop the skills needed to thrive in a more collaborative environment
  • create competitive pay and incentives that retain top talent
  • implement performance management systems that get the most from your people

For more information, please contact Chris Shennan, global director, oil and gas consulting.


2014 in prospect

Hay Group’s global oil and gas sector leader, Chris Shennan, discusses the immediate and medium-term people challenges for the oil and gas sector.
From nurturing innovation, to retention, new operating models, and getting career development right, Chris puts forward practical ideas for addressing risks in this competitive sector.

The search for capability and capacity

The search for capability and capacity

To the passive observer, 2013 was a good year for the oil and gas sector. Oil prices, the traditional industry barometer, remained steady and above the $100/bbl Brent crude benchmark, but this masked the fact that economic forces and industry risks continue to drive change in the sector More