Job evaluation

The Hay Group method: an overview

Analyze organizational structures, evaluate people and jobs, define career progressions, develop pay and reward programs and manage your human resources more effectively with the Hay Group Guide Chart-Profile Method of Job EvaluationSM.

The issue
Organizations everywhere acknowledge that their people are the most important asset. But all too many of those organizations have no formal method for managing that asset. Are the right people in the right roles? What skills do those roles require? What rewards are appropriate for each post and level? And how do you make sure you offer the right opportunities for career development and progression to serve the organization and motivate and retain individuals?

These are complex questions, but vital ones for any organization to answer. By working with Hay Group, and using our job evaluation method, organizations can take a structured, rigorous approach to answering the questions – which in turn means a formal, methodical approach to getting the best out of their people.

Why Hay Group?
Hay Group offers the world’s best, time-tested evaluation methodology for measuring jobs by relative size, nature and importance, at all levels in all types of organizations.

Thousands of organizations – including more than half of Fortune 500 as well as leading public sector and not-for-profit organizations – rely on Hay Group’s job evaluation methodology to help them bring together the right people, jobs and structures to execute their strategies.

Commonly known as the Hay Group Guide Chart-Profile Method of Job Evaluation, our system provides clients with a consistent and objective framework to analyze organizational structures, evaluate people and jobs, define career progressions, develop pay and reward programs and manage their human resources more effectively.

The methodology has the dual benefits of being both standardized and flexible. The underlying principles are consistent but the tool is customized to each client’s culture and business model, and can be applied in either a comprehensive or streamlined format.

It uses a disciplined system for determining the relative importance and value of different jobs – and the critical relationships between them – within an organization. We then support our findings and insights with Hay Group’s global compensation database, which mean clients can make more informed and accurate pay decisions.

By working with the Hay Group method, organizations can:

  • gain an understanding of relative accountabilities of all roles – HQ, business, function and category
  • clarify how matrix structures are (supposed to be) working
  • establish clear, effective career paths, useful in determining career moves and development programs
  • design internally equitable pay structures
  • meet requirements of ‘equal value’ legislation
  • make accurate market competitiveness assessments through ‘measured job-size’ surveys
  • analyze job and organization design efficiency and effectiveness
  • determine the best job/person match.

We continue to improve and expand the Hay Group method to provide our clients with deeper dimensions of analysis, more customized capabilities and greater flexibility to adapt the methodology to their own organizations and cultures.

Hay Group’s approach
Hay Group works with clients to develop a full understanding of their organization and business context and their resulting needs. We then match those needs with existing roles and identify where roles overlap, where there are gaps or where organization structures or career progression are unclear.

We then provide advice and tools enabling you to put in place a ‘fit for purpose’ process, including:

  • job documentation
  • stakeholder engagement
  • methodology customization
  • supporting IT tools
  • methodology training (if needed)
  • quality assurance (ensures consistent method application)
  • ongoing support of clients’ evaluated structures.

Key and unique aspects of our methods are the two concepts, ‘step difference’ and ‘job shape’ (profile). These concepts help to test the internal logic and consistency of evaluation judgments and make meaningful comparisons between roles based on the work involved, rather than just the job title.

When applied with discipline, the robust Hay Group Guide Chart-Profile Method is not subject to ‘drift’ over time. Hay Group clients have relied on this method for over 40 years.

Finally, the Hay Group Guide Chart-Profile Method can:

  • be used to support job/employee matching, as well as organization and job design
  • be applied to all jobs – from the CEOs of large global companies to task-focused roles on the business front lines
  • mesh with a wide range of processes and be designed to meet the unique circumstances and culture of different clients.

Find out more
If you would like to discuss how the Hay Group method could be applied in your organization, please contact us.