Job evaluation

Using Job Evaluation Manager

The Hay Group job evaluation method is renowned worldwide for the clarity it brings to people management and development. Job Evaluation Manager is our unique web-based tool to help our customers access the information they need about the job evaluation process in their organization, at the time they need it.

The issue
Job evaluation is a crucial process for organizations everywhere, and thousands of companies across the world use the Hay Group method to evaluate roles. But in a web-based world, customers expect to be able to access key information at any time, online.

Job Evaluation Manager provides exactly that ability. It is a web-based tool, designed by Hay Group, to provide comprehensive support during the entire job evaluation process.

From the creation of job information/job description through to report generation from our comprehensive database, Job Evaluation Manager provides a user friendly way to access the information you need.

Why Job Evaluation Manager from Hay Group
Our proven job evaluation methodologies are the most widely used in the world: Job Evaluation Manager was developed specifically to support them.

It is a web-based system that enhances the efficiency of the job evaluation process, eliminating duplicated paper files and manual procedures and increasing quality and consistency of information based on a common database. It allows approved users to review evaluations and job information material through:

  • online job information/job descriptions generation, submission
  • on-screen position evaluation, using guide charts or related methodologies
  • job evaluation database maintenance and interrogation
  • smooth approval step workflow within the job evaluation process (via email notification)
  • preparation of a wide range of reports from the database, and
  • the ability to export data to other applications for salary modeling and organization analysis.

Hay Group’s approach: how Job Evaluation Manager works
Hay Group works with you to develop a full understanding of your organization and business context, to help you address your needs, while ensuring that Job Evaluation Manager is configured to provide the best support to a client-specific job evaluation process.

We will work with you to customize:

  • the forms used for capturing job information
  • the method (Guide Charts or derivative), to evaluate positions in client-specific language, where appropriate, and
  • user access rights specifications, to determine who can access and/or manipulate which data.

As standard, we provide comprehensive security, helpdesk support, training for power users and application upgrades.

Hay Group in action
Customers across the world use Job Evaluation Manager to support their people management. Visit the Job Evaluation Manager site.

Find out more
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