Reward implementation and communication

Most organizations spend a great deal of time and money designing rewards packages that motivate staff to do their best. Yet many fail to communicate their reward programs consistently or effectively. Hay Group can help you with reward implementation and communication so your program will be clearly understood and aligned with organizational goals.

The issue
Pay and benefits represent a major cost to any organization. But many employees are unaware of the true value of the rewards they receive. An effective reward implementation and communication program is essential and helps organizations:

  • demonstrate the substantial investment being made in employee rewards
  • achieve the intended results from the rewards program
  • gain commitment from all employees on the rewards program
  • show a commitment to offering competitive rewards
  • measure the effectiveness of the rewards program.

But implementing and communicating a rewards program can be a daunting task that poses persistent questions. Are employees fully aware of the purpose of the rewards program? Does the rewards program accurately reflect organizational goals? Is the rewards program viewed as a real incentive?

Why Hay Group?
Hay Group can help you develop clear, measurable objectives for the reward implementation and communication. Our approach reflects our expertise in combining the right balance of financial, organizational and behavioral aspects of rewards.

We believe that communications and implementation must be addressed at the beginning of the planning stage of a rewards program. Hay Group will work with you from the start of the planning process to ensure that the right communications are in place before launch of a program. From the outset, we will ensure that all communications are aligned with your business goals and that staff are aware of their individual contributions, prospects and potential for reward.

Our tested methodologies ensure that the communications and implementation plan will be thoroughly reviewed and tested prior to rollout of the program. In this way, all participants are kept aware of their roles, responsibilities and timeframes.

Hay Group’s approach
Our approach to communications and implementation planning is entirely practical. We will plan all the necessary communications and implementation work associated with your rewards program, including:

  • determining clear project objectives and the means for their communication
  • assignment of roles, responsibilities and timeframes
  • identification of specific needs of different audiences including potential communication barriers
  • creation of core messages that can be tailored for individual audiences
  • determination of the right implementation options, including in-house developed, Hay Group developed or a combination of both
  • development of best communication and implementation practices based on Hay Group’s industry experience
  • evaluation of model outcomes and cost implications for your organization.

As your rewards program is rolled out, we will support communications with regular reward statements for employees. The Hay Group toolkit comprises methodologies and processes that maintain plan integrity and ensure that the plan is in harmony with organizational goals.

Find out more
If you would like to discuss how we can help you to communicate and implement a rewards package contact us.