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Benchmarking leadership

Are your leaders up to the challenge they face? Hay Group leadership benchmarking enables you to make comparisons with world-class leaders who have faced similar situations, so you can make sure your people match the task.

The issue
How strong are your people? How do they compare with people at the best companies? And as your organization evolves, what capabilities should you be looking for? Being able to benchmark your leaders is essential, particularly if you are embarking on strategic change and have to ensure that your leadership team matches the challenge ahead.

Why Hay Group?
What, for example, do world-class leaders have in common? The Hay Group benchmark enables you to compare your team against world-class leaders who have succeeded in similar strategic situations – supporting your leadership decisions so you can match the team to the task. Working with Hay Group gives you access to the largest, most robust and best-organized source of leadership data in the world.

Our leadership effectiveness and competency database is built on the assessment of hundreds of thousands of managers, with assessments that include behavioral event interviews. The database covers most industries, geographies, functions and levels and we capture an individual’s ‘context’ as well as identifying whether they have received ‘outstanding’ or ‘typical’ results. We include global organizations as well as regional players. We treat our data confidentially and present analyzed data from multiple companies, never revealing information from specific companies or individuals.

Our consultants are pioneers in behavioral research with unrivalled expertise in analyzing this data, applying it pragmatically to support organizational objectives.

Hay Group’s approach
Our benchmarking starts from a clear understanding of your organizational strategy and challenges. We identify what distinguishes your best people. Then we draw upon our database to identify leaders who are outstanding at implementing strategies similar to yours. We work with you to identify the gaps between your team and your strategy to support key leadership decisions – develop, move or replace.

We can add more precision by refining your sample criteria, for example by role type, industry or geography, so you can benchmark with precision. The capabilities needed to work across matrix organizations, for example, are different from those required of senior, operations-focused executives.

The result is an empirical view of your leadership capability that enables you to make the adjustments you need to hit strategic objectives.

Hay Group in action
Learn how Hay Group has helped clients to align the leadership teams.

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