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Employee performance is viewed as a key driver of business success. But is your leadership ‘bench’ up to strength for the challenges it faces? Hay Group talent audits help you to allocate talent to critical roles, equipping your organization for high performance in the face of major events such as strategic shifts or mergers.

The issue
Research shows that executives consistently rank employee performance ahead of productivity and technology. Yet few feel they have enough talented managers for their most pressing challenges. Building ‘bench strength’ by evaluating leadership talent is of particular help in times of major organizational shifts – IPOs, mergers or major strategic change.

Why Hay Group?
Our talent audits allocate the appropriate talent to critical roles in an equitable, objective way. They show you how performance and potential is distributed across your management levels – and reveal the role types that match your high-potential leaders. Hay Group’s approach is based on a deep understanding of how business challenges shape job requirements. Our ability to assess people against these requirements is based on a proven track record of using credible, research-tested tools and databases. With an ability to see the big picture, our accredited consultants help you to identify the talent you need to reach your business goals.

Hay Group’s approach
Hay Group talent audits use a range of tools, including:

  • leadership or competency models based upon what your best people do and a comparison of this with behaviors that outstanding people in other organizations demonstrate
  • a role requirements structure that provides insight into the differences between the actual and the next role, to mitigate risks of job/role moves.

Our approach to talent management is flexible and tailored – and geared to the questions you need to answer. Often, we conduct talent reviews by function or business grouping – and we build them on the assumption that if people don’t change, then organizations can’t change either. So leaders must face up to feedback on their performance in order for business objectives to be achieved.

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