Capability assessment

Risk assessment

Hiring is a risky business. Hay Group minimizes this issue by using its proven methodologies to provide an independent verification of the candidate’s fit with a role – so you can be confident in your hiring decision.

The issue
External hiring is risky. Unfamiliar with an organization’s culture and challenge, outside hires can suffer from ‘tissue rejection’. Yet even internal hires at a senior level carry a level of risk.

Why Hay Group?
The Hay Group approach minimizes the risk of hiring. Using our understanding of job ‘context’, we can advise on the likely business risks of individual hires. We work closely with you to design development paths that leverage the new hire’s strengths and minimize dysfunctional behavior, so that he or she can hit the ground running.

We have an outstanding track record in matching senior executives to role requirements, business needs and work culture. Supported by 60 years of research and assessment and drawing on the world’s most extensive competency databases, we can tell you what you need to hear about how candidates fit your role, without bias or conflict of interest.

Hay Group’s approach
We assess candidates against the:

  • delivery accountabilities that are specific to the job
  • operational and strategic demands of the position
  • behaviors needed for the job’s successful execution.

Our risk assessment provides you with an independent verification of the candidate’s fit with the target position. Hay Group’s disciplined and proven methodology defines the requirements of the role in relation to the needs of the business. We then rigorously evaluate candidates against these demands, using research-validated methods and tools:

  • Behavioral Event Interviewing®, personality and motivational assessments
  • competency benchmarking against industry- and job-specific excellence standards
  • assessment center business simulations (depending on the level of candidate).

Finally, we report on the relative strengths and risks – and use our job evaluation-based insights to determine how easily the candidate could adapt to the target position.

Hay Group in action
Read our case studies to learn how we've helped clients with their risk assessments.

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