Capability assessment

Succession management

Ensuring a smooth succession to top jobs is essential, particularly as leaders are become more scarce. Hay Group can help you ensure you have the right people in the right place.

The issue
Do you promote the best candidates? Does your top talent get the right jobs? And do you help prepare them for future senior positions? Placing the right people in the right positions at the right time is critical – particularly as business is changing rapidly and demographic shifts mean a whole generation of leaders will soon be leaving the workforce.

Why Hay Group?
We already know the questions you need to ask. Hay Group’s promotion suitability analysis – using our Role-Profile Matrix® methodology – brings together our deep understanding of the demands of different jobs with an appreciation of their ‘role types’ (for example business delivery, coordination based, matrixed). So we can maximize your leaders’ chances of success in any new role.

The Hay Group approach
Hay Group’s proprietary methodology and frameworks enable you to decipher the content of a job and its implications for behavior. Our unique approach reflects the fact that jobs become more complex with seniority – so we can clarify critical differences among roles at the same level of complexity.

Hay Group in action
Hay Group’s promotion suitability has been used by a leading retail chain to achieve business results.

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