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Few people are naturals for senior or executive roles – most need some help to step up to the next level. Hay Group can equip your people with the insights they need to develop – leading to sustained improvement for your organization.

The issue
Do your managers make the transition into being leaders? It is essential to focus and accelerate the development of the people that move up through the ranks. However, research shows that many investments in development do not pay off. Building your future cadre is core to future success.

Why Hay Group?
Our programs address what really enhances and sustains development. We help people deepen their self-awareness, develop their competencies and understand their impact on others and their performance. We help people to understand what is needed to be successful and how this compares with their actual performance. We help them to focus on the critical aspects and construct a plan to work on these.

Our ability to help your most talented to become even more successful is based upon a long track record and in-depth research into how people develop.  Our programs result in significant, sustainable improvements.

Hay Group’s approach
Hay Group’s development programs cover a range of activities:

  • executive coaching, individual and intensive, focused on development
  • developmental programs for groups of managers or executives, focusing on the skills needed to become great leaders
  • team programs, addressing the critical dimensions of effective teams and teamwork.

Our proven approach is based on well-researched concepts. The design is tailored and geared to the issues you need to address. Often, the data we collect in the programs can be used to analyze issues that need to be addressed by the organization.

All of our programs are based upon the assumption that feedback is the starting point to improvement.

Hay Group in action
Read how Hay Group helped a major heavy manufacturing company to grow globally by establishing a development program.

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