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Emotional intelligence

We’ve all come across someone who’s ‘lost it’ in a meeting, or gone blank during a presentation, or who creates a negative team atmosphere. How much does such behavior cost a business?  Raising emotional intelligence levels is emerging as a major contributor to improved business performance. Hay Group can help you to take advantage of it.

The issue
Emotional intelligence (EI) has been shown to have a significant impact on performance in many different situations, as these examples illustrate:

  • software developers with high EI levels can develop effective software three times faster than others
  • sales consultants with high EI generate twice the revenue of colleagues
  • hiring sales staff with high EI rates halved the first-year dropout rate for a national furniture retailer
  • experienced partners in a multinational consulting firm who were assessed on their EI levels delivered 139 per cent more profit from their accounts than other partners
  • oil refinery managers who participated in the Hay Group EI development program over two years showed a 20 per cent increase in performance compared to colleagues.

Why Hay Group?
Hay Group has worked closely with EI pioneer Daniel Goleman to develop a theory of performance that is designed to predict effectiveness. We can identify the ‘star qualities’ that set high performers apart from the rest.

This theory is associated with Dr. Richard Boyatzis’ powerful theory of development and change, which has been tested both academically and with Hay Group clients around the world. Boyatzis’ survey of 2,000 supervisors and managers demonstrated that of 16 abilities that distinguished the ‘stars,’ all but two were emotional. In fact, the more people advanced in their career, the more important their EI became in distinguishing superior performance.

Hay Group’s approach
With the help of Goleman and Boyatzis, Hay Group has developed tools and programs that help people understand and improve their EI. We work through coaching, 360-degree feedback, development programs, team effectiveness and train-the-trainer interventions. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for EI, so we help you to create a plan that’s tailored to your objectives.

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