Sector Landscape

Access salary trends for your sector. Get your reward decisions right.

To attract and keep talented people, you need to stay on top of sector reward trends. That's tough when you're responsible for managing or setting reward programs across different countries.

Sector Landscape is our new online tool that gives you a global summary of economic and reward trends. It sits alongside Landscape, giving you access to:

  • salary movements and forecasts for over 60 countries
  • job family and industry pay premiums by four standard employee levels
  • economic indicators, including GDP, inflation, unemployment rate and exchange rate, for different countries (we update this every quarter)
  • a political and economic summary for each country
  • reward practices report covering statutory and non-statutory benefits, market pay and benefits, by country

But with Sector Landscape, the salary movements and forecasts are specific to your sector. So you're better informed, and you can make more relevant decisions about your reward management program.

The four sectors:
Oil and Gas, ChemicalsFast Moving Consumer Goods and Global Top 200 (based on Fortune's annual global ranking of the largest companies).

The main benefits

  • Detailed knowledge of local and sector salary information - uncover trends and forecasts for your sector in up to 60 countries
  • Salary data you can trust - it's accurate, globally consistent, and reflects what's happening in your market
  • Critical data you need for your compensation planning in one place - we've created this online tool with our knowledge of our clients' businesses, local markets and different industries
  • Local sector insight - access to our network of local experts who can add context to our salary information

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