Managing in the matrix

How can we make our matrixed organisation work more effectively?

Hay Group has decades of experience helping organisations with matrix structures. We help them balance global operations with local conditions so these structures add the value that’s needed.

As our Leadership 2030 research reveals, matrix structures are changing the leadership landscape as more and more organisations adopt them. This means it is no longer enough to be able to implement and execute, because in the matrix, traditional lines of authority are blurred. So leaders need to deal with increasingly diverse teams. Allow more autonomy. Be visionaries. And harness new technologies.

These trends demand a new type of leader, whose core skills are centered on collaboration. ‘Matrix leaders’ must be able to deliver through others, managing up and across, as well as down. They need to head virtual and cross-company teams and be masters of co-ordination.

We help them successfully design – and more importantly, implement – matrix organisations. And our Mastering Matrix Leadership programs equip managers for success in these structures.

We bring together our wealth of expertise in:

  • organisational structures
  • leadership teams
  • individual behaviour and motivation

Learn more about Hay Group’s research into the key skills required to lead in a matrix work environment.

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