M&A research - The silver bullet of success

The silver bullet of success presents the findings of Hay Group's research on mergers and acquisitions and identifies several crucial success factors for executives involved in the process.

Silver Bullet2010 could herald increased opportunities for strategic mergers and acquisitions. Partnering with mergermarket, part of the Financial Times Group, Hay Group asked global business leaders about their experiences of integrating newly acquired businesses.

In The silver bullet of success, we reveal the details of this research and show how those actually running businesses are not necessarily aligned with shareholders about the rationale for M&A activity. Furthermore, many organisations ignore one vital element of M&A success - integrating the intangible capital of the target company.

We ask whether deal-making has become a game of Russian roulette for those who pulled the trigger and chased cheap deals at the outset of the economic crisis?

In this report, you will discover:

- Why intangibles matter

- The elements that make up intangible capital

- Why companies allocate insufficient resources to assessing intangible capital

- The four barriers to integration

- Global differences in approaches to intangibles

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