Leadership transformation

Do you have the right leaders to grow your organisation?

Given today’s ever changing business environment you cannot rely on the same leadership capabilities if you want to continue to grow.

Your top people and emerging talent need the right conditions in which to deliver the best results. If people’s skills do not match the demands of their role, or if they cannot see the results of their efforts, they may under-deliver – or move on.

Research from Hay Group’s McClelland Centre for Research and Innovation (founded as McBer by David McClelland), has shown that for leadership transformation to be successful, companies must align behind the strategy and develop strategic competencies and capabilities to execute the strategy at all levels:

  • organisational
  • team
  • individual

Given the changing nature of work and its growing interdependencies, it is not enough to be a good leader one also needs to be a good team member. CEOs are realising that the companies’ success rests on the ability to work collaboratively as opposed to competitively and they are making these expectations known.

To accelerate this leadership transformation, Hay Group takes an integrated approach which includes:

  • assisting CEOs in enhancing the effectiveness of their teams through research-based interventions
  • developing companies’ management and leadership talent at all levels of the organisation
  • providing individual coaching to leaders and professionals in critical positions.

These efforts utilise Hay Group surveys and diagnostics that are state of the art and were developed using our extensive global database.

Hay Group in action:
Read a case about Crown Casino's leadership transformation.