Assessment and development tools

Our off-the-shelf assessment and development products are based on decades of research, yet they tap into the very latest thinking. Practical, affordable, easy to use and available in multiple languages, they help you get the best out of leaders and other key talent.

Online assessments
Based on data from over 300,000 individuals in 4,000 organisations, our assessments help you to benchmark, develop and retain talent. They include the widely used Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) and Kolb learning style inventory.

Convenient and efficient, Hay Group’s e-Learning modules let employees and leaders develop their knowledge and skills without time away from the office. Modules cover emotional intelligence, dealing with feedback and leadership styles.

Covering the latest HR topics, Hay Group workbooks equip people with the essential knowledge they need to perform better.

By bringing leadership and working challenges to life, our exercises make learning fun, helping individuals and teams to become more effective.

Useful resources
Facilitators’ guides, wall charts and reference cards provide extra support and provide a powerful visual reference for learning topics.

Books, CDs, DVDs
Our publications include the latest reference works by some of the world’s most respected writers and thinkers on leadership and HR topics.

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