Employee engagement

How do I engage with all the people in my organisation?

Every organisation knows the importance of engaging and motivating its people to perform. But what is less commonly recognized is that employees want to be engaged in work where they feel that they are contributing in a positive way to something larger than themselves.

This represents a major opportunity for employers – but what do organisations need to do to give their staff that sense of value?

Above all, Hay Group’s insights and experience show that employees need an understanding of the bigger picture: the overall direction of the organisation. That is then closely linked to their confidence in the organisation’s leadership. Today’s employees recognize that their prospects for continued employment, career development, and advancement are dependent on their companies’ health and stability. And of course, it’s crucial too that such prospects exist: opportunities for growth and development are among the most consistent predictors of employee engagement.

However, knowing that these factors lead to increased engagement is only the first step. For businesses to successfully engage and motivate staff – and more importantly, to enable staff to feed that engagement into productivity – it’s vital to have the right leadership, the right employee feedback processes, the right performance management systems and clear opportunities to develop and excel.

Hay Group can help you put these in place.