Developing top teams

Can top teams fill the shoes of the ‘heroic CEO’?

The days of the heroic CEO are over. Leaders can no longer sweep in, step up and single-handedly lead the organisation to greatness. The reason is simple: the demands on those who occupy the top spot are rapidly outpacing the capabilities of any single person, no matter how superhuman they may be.

This is why a growing number of chief executives are turning to their direct reports to help them meet the challenges that their organisations face. But the business of creating an effective leadership team is fraught with pitfalls – and many CEOs stumble when creating their top teams.

Hay Group teamed up with academics from Harvard in a nine-year project to research this issue for the 2008 book Senior Leadership Teams: What it Takes to Make Them Great. This project has added to our already extensive store of knowledge and expertise in this area.

With our leadership and talent programs we can develop the essential skills that CEOs need to create a high-performance top team. And Hay Group’s proven track record in executive team development can help the teams themselves to face the challenges of leadership.